Dashboard for Schaller, American Horizons 3e (Vol. 2)

Welcome to the Dashboard for American Horizons 3e! Dashboard is an online learning and assessment platform that delivers a simple, informative and textbook-specific experience for both instructors and students. This course is designed to supplement and enhance the material found in American Horizons 3e.

Find out more about the Dashboard platform here.

On this Dashboard site, you will find:

  • Embedded eBook with activities including:
    • Quizzes - Each major subsection of the chapter is accompanied by a mini quiz (five questions) that tests students’ understanding of that particular section, plus one 25 question-quiz per chapter
    • Interactive Timelines - Student are asked to drag/drop events to their correct dates as well as answer 3 multiple choice questions about the timeline.
    • Visual analysis - approximately 4 per chapter.
      Students have the ability to zoom in on image and see details in greater depth. Accompanied by brief commentary that contextualizes the image and points out details. Followed by two questions for analysis.
    • Document analysis - approximately 4 per chapter.
      Short introduction, followed by document, and questions for analysis.
    • Map analysis - animated map (in HTML 5). Two per chapter.
      Students can click on the colors and symbols on the map to make them move or turn on/off. Accompanied by two questions for analysis.
    • Audio flashcards - Each key term, as well as its definitions can be read and listened to.
    • ...and more!

If you are an instructor who would like to request demo access to this book's Dashboard resources, please click here.

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