Dashboard for Cooper, The Cell 8e 

Dashboard is an online learning and assessment platform that delivers a simple, informative and textbook-specific experience for both instructors and students. This course is designed to supplement and enhance the material found in The Cell 8e.

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Discovering Human Sexuality 4e

On this Dashboard site, you will find:

  • An interactive eBook of the complete text, bringing to life all the high-quality media resources referenced in the book.
  • Animations & Videos that clearly explain important concepts in Cell Biology and processes in easy-to-follow narratives.
  • Data Analysis Problems providing hands-on practice in working with scientific data (supplemental problems available to instructors).
  • Micrograph Figures that students can click to see labels, staining, and read about featured cellular structures.
  • Chapter Overviews, Flashcards, and End of Section Reviews for student review of chapter material. 
  • Multiple-choice (and Essay) Chapter Quizzes to assess student comprehension of the most essential concepts. 


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