Dashboard for Lambert, Principles of Music 2e

Welcome to the Dashboard for Principles of Music 2e! Dashboard is an online learning and assessment tool that delivers a simple, informative and textbook-specific experience for both instructors and students. This course is designed to supplement and enhance the material found in Principles of Music 2e.

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  • Dashboard for Principles of Music 2e combines an interactive eBook, video lectures, audio examples, exclusive additional lessons, auto-graded assessment material, and more in a simple, informative, and mobile-friendly format. A Dashboard access card is included with all new copies of the spiral-bound and loose leaf text.
  • Integrated Music Theory Skill Builder modules provide hundreds of exercises in an interactive environment where students can practice and master core concepts that they need for success in Music Fundamentals
  • Improved assignments give more practice for basic concepts, including twelve additional sets of written exercises
  • Marginal icons in the eBook direct students to video lectures and streaming audio recordings on Dashboard to help them build their understanding of musical concepts
  • Expanded exercises in "Explore" sections build aural and performance skills, including ear-training, sight-singing, improvisation, and composition
  • Three advanced lessons, available only on Dashboard, exploring further aspects of rhythm and meter

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