Dashboard for Starr/Waterman, American Popular Music 5e

Welcome to the Dashboard for American Popular Music 5e! Dashboard is an online learning and assessment platform that delivers a simple, informative and textbook-specific experience for both instructors and students. This course is designed to supplement and enhance the material found in American Popular Music 5e.

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On this Dashboard site, you will find:

  • An Interactive ebook which includes:
    • Streaming audio: Click on the audio icon next to any listening map to play the highlighted selection.
    • Links to videos and additional text resources: Look for Dashboard icons in the margins of the ebook pages to access awesome resources.
    • Animated musical notation: Click on the video icon that appears next to musical notation in the Listening Maps and elsewhere in the text. This will allow you to hear the music represented in the notation, a helpful tool for musical novices!
    • Quizzes, flashcards, study materials, and more!


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