Sedra/Smith, Microelectronic Circuits 8e


Sedra/Smith/Carusone/Gaudet, Microelectronic Circuits 8e PREMIUM Student Resources

Microelectronic Circuits by Sedra and Smith has educated over a million students worldwide. Respected equally as a teaching text and reference, ‘Sedra/Smith’ remains the best text for helping students progress from circuit analysis to circuit design, developing design skills and insights that are essential to successful practice in the field. Significantly revised, slimmed down, and updated with the latest innovations, this edition also contains new Premium Student Resources:

40 Video examples show the authors taking students step-by-step through the procedures required to solve a set of representative problems in the text.

Solved Problems is a set of 150 additional homework problems with complete solutions, covering concepts from the nine most-used chapters in the book.

These self-study aids will help students master core concepts and prepare for homework assignments and exams.

Price: $59.95